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Santa Barbara Talent's Fitness model division is looking for fit females especially athletes and body builders who are interested in modeling with the opportunity for possible talent representation. No prior modeling experience necessary, fitness experience is needed. We do ask that the models have good tone and or muscle definition with no noticeable scars or major blemishes.
Most shoots in fitness includes modeling apparel made of spandex/ Lycra form fitting shorts tops and workout undergarments. Designer apparel most similar to Under Armour in styling, look.
We have had models model for some of the elite fitness, apparel, health and magazines, including landing distinctive spokes model opportunities.

We also own which produces and sells stock images of various fitness themes and genres in scenic Santa Barbara locations and iconic sports settings and is an additional opportunity but not a requirement.

If you are a female athlete or are generally committed to working out and have a attractive look and physique interested in modeling, we want to hear from you! Of course top fitness males welcome to.

Shoots generally will take place outdoors in scenic/athletic setting based upon on the fitness look.

Email us your fitness and sports background/ experience and a few photos us your look to review.

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Be sure to put craigslist fitness ad on how you found us.
Reply to craigslist email address with any questions.

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