Artist seeks quiet, friendly, and affordable space (santa barbara/ surrounding cities)

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Hello All,

I am a 33 year old artist and museum worker who is quiet, friendly, and clean, looking for the same in my living space. Some of my interests include comics, astronomy, hiking, philosophy and writing.

- I work full time outside the house, and about 8-10 hours per week within it. My budget is modest- 1200 per month is the absolute maximum ( difficult in this area, I know, but I think it’s doable)

-I do a big cook off/ meal prep once or twice per week, and try to plan ahead to keep storage minimized. I also enjoy cooking for others, especially if you appreciate good vegan food.

-One of the perks of my job is a makerspace, which accepts clean reusable materials including cardboard, paper towel rolls, jar lids, old tech, et cetera, that might be thrown away. I am happy to bring in any donations you might have. On that note, I try to live as much of an eco-friendly lifestyle as possible. I have some ambitions towards a vegetable garden, though it may not happen this year (not a requirement for housing.)

-I also have a small but mighty collection of art, books and plants. I am happy to help decorate the common areas if you feel so inclined (if not, no worries)

-and of course, credit and references are great!

My landlady is looking to sell my current property in order to caregive for her husband full time. My move- in date is mid to late June. please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email with any questions you may have.


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