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Located at Jennings Guitars in Camarillo, we take pride in providing our customers with the best quality repair services available.
We are a certified Guild and Taylor repair center with over a decade-and-a-half experience servicing vintage and modern instruments.

Our shop is equipped with all the top repair/restoration tools you would expect from professionals including a CNC machine and a fully certified spray booth to ensure that no matter the operation, we can get the job done right, and all under one roof.
Arguably the most important step of any repair job is first understanding the specific customer's playing style. We take great care to talk with each customer about their setup preferences and intentions with a given instrument.

Whether you just need a setup/restring or you need a complete overhaul, we've got you covered. Below is a breakdown of our services and prices.

-Free Inspections: Check action, check electronics, check humidity, inspect cracks, etc...

-Deluxe Setup $120: Neck adjustment, action adjustment at nut and saddle, fret level, fret crown, fret polish, tighten hardware, general cleanup and polish, restring, intonate instrument.

-Standard Setup $60: Neck adjustment, action adjustment at nut and saddle.

-New Nut $60: Thickness nut, shape nut, slot nut, install nut, adjust action at nut.

-New Saddle $60: Thickness saddle blank, shape saddle, compensate saddle, polish, install, set final action.

-Reglue Bridge $80: Remove bridge, clean old glue/debris off bridge, clean old glue/debris off of body, glue and clamp bridge.

-Fabricate New Bridge $250: Remove old bridge, shape new bridge to match old bridge, cut saddle slot, polish bridge, oil bridge, glue bridge, make new saddle, adjust action

-Tuner Replacement $40: Direct replacement. Retro fit will be charged by hour.

-Re-Fret $200: Remove old frets, clean fret slots, size new frets, press in new frets, trim frets to size, level frets, crown frets, polish frets.

-Neck Re-Set $350: Remove neck, re-cut heal, re-cut body, fit dovetail, set action, reglue neck

-Headstock Crack $80 and Up: Glue crack, seal crack, refinish

-Cap Worn Bridge Plate $60: Fabricate and install wood veneer inside top under bridge to keep the ball ends from pulling through the top.

-Install Soundhole Pickup $60 and Up: Ream out hole for endpin jack, fit endpin jack, drill for undersaddle piezo piece, fit preamp, fit battery pack, fit microphone.

-Replace Jack $30: Unsolder old jack, remove old jack, solder new jack, clean electronics.

-Replace Pickup $30: Unsolder old pickup, remove old pickup, solder new pickup, properly dress wires, clean electronics, adjust pickup height.

-Replace Pot $30: Unsolder old pot, remove old pot, solder new pot, clean electronics.

-Rout New Pocket $80: Mount template, rout out pocket, clean up pocket

*Some repair jobs are subject to a $20 restring fee unless already listed in job description.

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