maak plasing gnstling Bellari RP220 Dual Tube Mic Preamp - $200 verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

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maak / vervaardiger: Bellari
modelnaam / nommer: RP220
toestand: uitstekend

A two channel tube preamp, primarily for recording. In excellent condition.

Quoting from the Bellari RP220 manual:

"The RP220 provides clear sonic quality and performance for the working musician,
studio operator or anyone who needs a preamp with the warm, smooth, analog sound.
Each channel utilizes one premium 7025 tube in a unique configuration to give
smooth controllable gain through transformer balanced inputs. The unit has both XLR
and 1/4" inputs and outputs with a 30 dB Pad and a Phase Reversal switches to adapt
to any performing or studio situation."
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