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Title: Hand Built, High Quality Bass Traps and Acoustic Panels

We sell and have available high quality premium Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps for less. Using 100% Premium Polyester and all US suppliers for our high quality materials. All our Sound Absorption products are built for the Home, the Home recording studio, and the Dedicated Recording Studio. Our Panels are hand built by musicians and are designed to absorb the maximum amount of sound.

Our Ultacoustic TM Technology is optimized to absorb more sound. Pick up some of the panels with the six surface absorption advantage. Our 2", 4", 6", 8" thick Bass Traps and Acoustic Panels also known as Sound Panels absorb on the entire surface because they are completely wrapped in a soft sound absorbing fabric. Inside there is a dual solid frame self reinforcing system designed in a way to provide strength, smooth edges, and a optimum absorption.

Design can be multiply the effectiveness of sound absorption by a factor of 2-3. This ends up saving you money. By using Sound Panels or Bass Traps that are non reflective and spacing them out you cover more area with sound absorption. Because of our Acoustic Panel design our panels absorb sound even in the wall spaces between our panels. Sound enters our Bass traps because their design creates a path of least resistance effect.

Path of Least Resistance and Diffraction work together to make sound direct itself into the sound absorbing material inside of our Acoustic Panels. With completely solid frame panels sound reflects off of the edges of the panels. Our Bass Traps have open sides allowing our panels to take in and absorb more of the sound. The value is increased and less panels are needed to absorb more sound.

Visit our site, place an order, give us a call. We're glad to help and offer expert advice on our Acoustic Sound absorption, the placement of Panels, and how to accurately and effectively configure your rooms with our Bass Traps and Acoustic Panels.

We manufacture out of Los Angeles but do consultations, deliver, and Install Acoustic Treatment in Santa Barbara and surrounding cities. Please visit our web pages for more info about us and contact us about our Free Consultation!
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