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In-Person and Online Computer Programming and Information Technology Lessons. Different Levels: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced.

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Authenticated Reviews are attached. Over 600 lessons were recently completed.

The online lessons utilize Audio Communications; Video Communications; Screen Sharing; Session Sharing: $35 / hour

The in-person lessons in Southern California: $250 /hour

Python; R; Java; Java Script; C; Perl; PHP; Ruby; Ruby on Rails; Binary Language; Assembly Language; Interpreted Programming Languages, Compiled Programming Languages; Object-Oriented Programming Languages; Dynamic Programming Languages; Structured Programming Languages; Platform-Independent Programming Languages; Low Syntax Overhead Programming Languages ; Programming Logic; Mathematical Logic; Computational Mathematics; ASCII Order; Lexicographic Order; UNICODE (UT-8; UT-16; UT-32) Order; Programming Algorithms; Sorting Algorithms; Comparison Sorts; Non-comparison Sorts; Impractical Sort; Merge Sort; Selection Sort; Quick Sort; Bubble Sort; Searching Algorithms; Linear Search; Binary Search; Constant Algorithm; Logarithmic Algorithm; Linear Algorithm; Quadratic Algorithm; Exponential Algorithm; Log-Linear Algorithm; Conditional Statements; Loops & Recursions; Nested Loops; Unexecuted Loops; Infinite Loops; Programming Decisions; De Morgan's Law; Programming Functions; Logical Programming Functions; Statistical Programming Functions; Programming with Numbers & Strings; Lists; Files & Exceptions; Sets & Dictionaries; Objects & Classes; Inheritance; Statistics & Theory of Probabilities & Random Programming Functions; Programming Precedence; Programming Precision; Defensive Programming; Programming Modulation; Predictive Modelling; Theory of Numbers; Pseudo Code; Program Tracing; Program Simulation; Programming Errors; Compile Errors; Syntax Errors; Semantic Errors; Exceptional Errors & Run Time Errors; Programming Debugging; Databases; One-Dimensional Databases; Multi-Dimensional Databases; Data Science; Data Structuring; Data Management; Data Compression; Data Arranging; Data Search; Extracting Data; Big Data; Spatial Data, Data Integrity; Data Anomaly; Utilizing SQL in Data Science; Data Correction; Application of the Theory of Probability to Data; Application of Monty Hall Paradox to Raw Data; Data Storage; Data Control; Blocking Bad Data; Importing & Exporting Data; Creating Live Data; Complex Data Problems; Mutually Inclusive & Mutually Exclusive Data; Data Wrangling; Data Pattern Identification; Descriptive & Predictive Data; Data Security; Data Visualization; Structured & Unstructured & Semi-Structured Data; Data-Driven Products & Services; Data Theory & Application; Machine Learning in Data; Data Modeling; Data Contradiction; Building Information Modeling; Artificial Intelligence; Microsoft Office; MS Word; MS Excel; MS Publisher; MS Access; MS Outlook; MS Powerpoint; Wordpress; HTML; CSS; Computer-Aided Design; AUTOCAD; Inventor & Fusion 360; Parametric; Revit; Solidworks; Maya; Trimble EC-CAD; Design Integration of American National Standards Institute & International Organization For Standardization; Graphic Design; Adobe; Theory of Colors; Pixel-Based Imaging; Vector-Based Imaging; Graphic Calibration; Soft Proofing; Motion Graphics & Animations; Virtual Reality; Augmented Reality; Polygon Graphics; Polyhedra & Non-Polyhedra Graphics; Image Compressing; Resolution Reduction; Hierarchy Graphic Structure; Raster Graphics; Graphic Representations of Irrational Numbers; 3-D Modeling; Isometric Projection; Perspective Projection; Edge Detection; Mapping & Navigation & GPS; Programming Longitudes & Latitudes; Spherical Trigonometry; Topography; Green Wave Algorithms; Applications of plane geometry & analytical geometry & solid geometry & descriptive geometry in graphic design; Quickbooks; Cloud Computing; Patent & Intellectual Property; Startups; E-Commerce; Business Planning; Business Venturing; Business Modeling; Market Research; Worldwide Market Analysis; U.S. Market Analysis; daVariance Analysis; B2B; SIC-Based Databases; Operating Systems; DOS; Windows; Android; Linux; Hardware & Software Integration; Integration of Hardware and Software Acceleration

I am a programmer analyst. I have an IT sole proprietary home office business called Link. Link deals with the design of computer software including programming analysis, databases, and data analysis.

I am well-educated and I manage to close the digital gab by simplifying mathematical and computer science concepts. I do not simply repeat what has been already detailed in trillions of pages of books and lectures. Everyone’s mind is different and thus everyone has a unique perception to understanding one issue or another.

In a digital age, learning software usage, software programming, and mathematics have become as vital as learning reading, writing, and arithmetic. Learning IT is essential in pre-college education, college education, workplace, acquiring advancements in current job; searching for a better job; managing businesses; and managing one’s personal life. Thinking computationally is something that every well-educated person needs to know and should know. There is a great digital divider between the Knows and Know Nots. Crossing this digital divider requires solid understanding of digital concepts. One should not only live with these concepts, but could hardly live without. Many find a lot of IT potential opportunities but not enough knowledge to benefit from these opportunities.

I have helped people of all walks of life how to cross this digital divider. This includes professionals, business owners, college graduate students, college undergraduate students, high school students, and job applicants. The lessons have been for those in California and other states in the U.S., Canada, Europe, as well as other countries around the globe.


By Bruce on 9/28/2018:
My name is Bruce. I am a mechanical and manufacturing engineer at a large company in Silicon Valley, California. I have acquired a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as a Masters in Engineering Management. I was interested in learning the programming language Python and signed up for tutoring lessons with Ahmed. After the first initial lessons, I then signed up for another thirty five lessons. I plan to continue lessons with Ahmed until I have gained significant proficiency in programming.
I am very pleased that I have met Ahmed and that I am taking lessons with him. He has helped me with computational skills and learning what programming is and why and how it works. Ahmed has patiently helped me with the debugging of my programs. I have been able to design programs that are mathematically eloquent, logically sound, and that are free of syntax errors. Without hesitation, I would recommend Ahmed for anyone that requires help in IT.
Ahmed has been helping me design efficient programs that include understanding of variables, lists, conditional statements, loops, functions, and theory of probability. I like the fact that Ahmed merges the curricular of universities that include Harvard, Yale, MIT, and Stanford. Ahmed’s presentations use videos, audio, graphics, and PowerPoint, all of which have been very helpful.
Ahmed has a strong command of the English language as well as the computer languages. Ahmed combines an impressive knowledge of mathematics, history, politics, and sociology. Learning Python opens numerous opportunities in one’s academics, professional and personal life. Python can be incorporated into Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, and other software. I am looking forward to future training in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Thanks.

By Nahla on 10/22/2018
Thank you so much ... Ahmed is a great instructor and we really benefited.
I recommend him to anyone interested in learning about graphic design

By Tasha W. on 11/2/2018
Excellent first lesson, very patient and breaks the material down in a simple way to understand...Thanks!

By Ella P. on 11/9/2018
Excellent!!! Already recommended him.

By Hector on 1/24/2019
Great detail for a first lesson!
Ready for the rest.

By Puzant K. on 1/27/2019
I cannot say enough kind words about Ahmed. Not only is he knowledgeable, but he is also patient and kind. I am a beginner's, beginner's, beginner, and in spite of this, Ahmed was amazingly patient, clear in his explanations, and always eager to make sure I understood what he was telling me. I could not have been luckier than to have him as my instructor. In a word, he's terrific. Puzant

By Aaliyaa on 2/10/2019
Thank you! This has been extremely informative!

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