Exclusive "TCP Permit A" for Lease in Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara)

Are you a business entity looking to expand your transportation services in California? Here’s an excellent opportunity to lease a TCP Permit A with a terminal address in Santa Barbara.

Sample Lease Terms:

Lease Payment: $1,700-2,000 per month
Lease Duration: 6 month-1 year with the option to renew for additional term
One-Time Setup Fee: $500

Responsibilities of Lessee:
Maintain valid insurance
Ensure all vehicles meet CPUC standards
Handle all operational aspects (drivers, maintenance, etc.)

Termination Clause:
Either party can terminate with a 60-day notice
Penalty for early termination: One month's lease fee

Option to renew annually with a 5% increase in lease fee

Lessee Responsibilities:
Lessee has full control and responsibility for the TCP Permit.
Current carrier company steps back from using the permit during the lease period.
The lessee must obtain and maintain all necessary insurance coverage as required by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).
Lessee to provide proof of insurance periodically.

Key Clauses:
Independent Contractor Clause: "The lessee is considered an independent contractor and is solely responsible for all aspects of the business operations under the TCP Permit. The lessor shall not have control over the lessee’s operations, and the lessee is not entitled to any employee benefits from the lessor."
Insurance and Compliance: "The lessee is responsible for maintaining the required insurance and ensuring compliance with all CPUC regulations and other applicable laws."

Benefits of Leasing:
Cost Efficiency: Avoid the high initial costs of obtaining a new permit.
Time Savings: Start operations immediately without the lengthy application process.
Flexibility: Ideal for short-term projects or business expansion.
Regulatory Compliance: Leverage existing infrastructure to meet CPUC standards.

Some terms are negotiable. For more information, please reach out through email. Leave a phone number and I will get back to you ASAP!!

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