Gold coins for sale from private collector $10 Liberty Eagles (Santa Barbara)

condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: US Mint

I am a private collector selling my $10 Liberty Gold Eagles (.48375 oz gold) in Almost Uncirculated (AU) condition. I bought 100 of these coins from American Gold Exchange in November 2016 (I will send the original purchase invoice to serious buyers). I am willing to sell them for the following discounts from retail as listed on the American Gold Exchange website for the following quantities.

Here is the website for the current listed retail prices as referenced from American Gold Exchange:


Here are the discounts I am offering for different quantities:

1-9 coins: 3% under latest retail price
10-50 coins: 4% under latest retail price
50-100 coins: 4.5% under latest retail price

If you are interested in purchasing any of these coins send me an email expressing roughly the number you are interested in and we can jump on a call. If we both would like to proceed forward we will check the current pricing from American Gold Exchange and lock in the quantity and exact price for the sale.

The transaction would be performed by meeting at my bank in Santa Barbara and we would meet in the room set up for safe deposits at the bank. If everything looks ok to you then we would make the transaction on the spot in either cash or cashiers check from Montecito Bank and Trust for the amount you would like to buy.

If interested send me an email.

Below is just information about the specs for these coins:

Minted: 1866-1907
Content: .48375 oz gold
Purity: .90 fine
Diameter: 27 mm
Thickness: 2.03 mm
Designer: Christian Gobrecht


Raw (uncertified) $10 Liberty gold coins in Almost Uncirculated (AU) condition are a superb substitute for gold bullion. Minted more than a century ago, they're in severely limited supply today and contain nearly a half-ounce of pure gold. Yet they trade for relatively small premiums over their underlying gold value, making them a great buy in bulk gold.

Precious few of these beautiful, historic coins remain in AU condition. This fundamental scarcity can drive premiums higher during periods of increased demand. Modern bullion coins are produced in almost unlimited quantities each year and offer no premium for scarcity.

Unlike most forms of gold bullion, $10 Liberty gold coins in AU are exempt from broker reporting requirements. In our opinion, they're better than bullion for bulk gold buyers.

Key Benefits
Extremely low cost. These classic, scarce U.S. coins are trading relatively small premiums over their gold value today, making them an outstanding bargain.
Truly scarce. Precious few remain in AU condition. This true scarcity can mean higher premiums during periods of increased demand. Bullion coins offer no premium for scarcity.
Private, secure, and liquid. Unlike most forms of gold bullion, they are exempt from broker reporting requirements.

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